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The best fragrant lilacs

We have selected the very best from the extensive family of lilacs consisting of no less than 2000 species. Furthermore, we have categorised them by plant height in Small, Medium and Large. Enabling you to see directly which lilac you need for a pot on your patio or that empty spot in the garden. And because we are 100% convinced of the quality of our cultivated cream of the crop, we supply them with our unique colour, fragrance and flowering guarantee.

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Small, Medium and Large

A suitable lilac for any spot

  • Small 0.5 - 1.5 metres

    All-rounders, for example, for a beautiful mixed border. Also perfectly suitable to cheer up a patio or balcony in a pot. The compact fragrance suppliers.

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  • Medium 1.5 - 2 metres

    Veritable beauties for your city garden or front garden! Eye catchers due to their colour, and they also have sublime fragrances. And, take note, passers-by will invariable linger to catch more of the scent.

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  • Large 2 - 3 metres

    Place these in a spacious, sunny spot in the garden. They do well in the background that they will then dominate with colour. Their perfume? Irresistible!

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from our specialists

Natural distribution range and Winter hardiness

The lilac genus consists of about 30 species that originally grew in Asia Minor and South-Eastern Europe

About the cultivation and grafting

All our lilacs are grafted on specially selected root stocks.