Fine Fleur

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The earliest flowers show themselves in April. The most fragrant? That’s a question of taste. Looking for fresh innocence? Or more spicy sweet? They represent spring, in all its guises, as the earth prepares for the fertile explosion of summer.

Small, Medium en Large

A suitable lilac for any spot

  • Small 0.5 - 1.5 metres

    All-rounders, for example, for a beautiful mixed border. Also perfectly suitable to cheer up a patio or balcony in a pot. The compact fragrance suppliers.

  • Medium 1.5 - 2 metres

    Veritable beauties for your city garden or front garden! Eye catchers due to their colour, and they also have sublime fragrances. And, take note, passers-by will invariable linger to catch more of the scent.

  • Large 2 - 3 metres

    Place these in a spacious, sunny spot in the garden. They do well in the background that they will then dominate with colour. Their perfume? Irresistible!

Always bespoke

Balcony, patio or garden

We thought that if we give the varieties a size and indicate it on the plant / packaging then you know what you can expect from your purchase. That is even before choosing whether it will be a potted lilac or for that sunny spot in your garden. After all, there are also varieties that reach 1 metre tall and still smell wonderful! Perfect for enjoying the first rays of the spring sun on your patio. You can rely on the growth heights we provide and you won’t end up with a lilac that will grow through the roof.


For your patio or balcony


For your city or front garden


In the background or as a single bush