About the cultivation and grafting

root stocks

Specially selected

All our lilacs are grafted on specially selected root stocks. Compared to the root stocks that have been used in the past, our root stocks give almost no root suckers. This root stock guarantees a healthy root system.

The advantages of a ‘grafted‘ compared to ‘cloning’ lilacs:

Flowers at a youthful age. Healthier plant. Does well in most soil types Larger and more abundant flowers. Stronger branches and better plant growth.


in a

Plant the lilac in a spacious pot that has holes in the base so excessive water can drain away. To ensure good drainage, put a layer of gravel of about + 5 cm in the bottom of the pot. Purchase special chalk-based potted plant soil from the garden centre. Remove the pot from the root ball. Plant the lilac so that the root ball is at least 1 cm under the rim of the pot. Fill the rest of the pot with potted plant soil and press down firmly. Then water well.