Tip 3

How can I enjoy my lilac for longer?

By planting various coloured lilacs next to each other you can enjoy the wonderful fragrances for 4 to 6 weeks. If it’s a cool spring then it will only be beneficial to the length of the flowering period and the colours of the flowers.

The larger lilac specimens consistently flower from late-April to mid-May. We have divided them in the group LARGE (2-3 metres). The medium and smaller lilacs flower from mid-May to early-June, we have divided these into the groups MEDIUM (1.5-2 metres) and SMALL (0.5-1.5 metres).

We fully recommend the species Bloomerang Pink Perfume for those who can’t get enough of the wonderful lilac fragrance. A new continually flowering, pink mini-lilac from the Bloomerang-series. After an abundant bloom around mid-May this lilac will keep producing new flowers continually until late in the autumn. Smell spring, …. and the summer and autumn! And that is not all, even more promising and continually flowering mini-series in various colours are on their way from our testing fields.