For roses

Tip 1

What is the best place for my roses?

Roses bloom in the summer. They love basking in the sun with plenty of room. Preferably plant your roses in a sunny spot in your garden or in a large pot on your patio.

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Tip 2

How can I make a beautiful bouquet of roses?

In summer, Parfum de Nature roses are in full bloom and you get to enjoy their lovely fragrances and colours to the full. Summer is a lovely time to put together a bouquet from your own garden to bring the fragrance and beauty of your flowers into your home!

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Tip 3

How should I plant my roses?

Because Parfum de Nature roses are grown in a pot and have a strong root ball, they can be planted all year round.


Tip 4

How should I prune my roses?

Pruning stimulates growth! Annual pruning results in a prettier, fuller rose bush with stronger, more flowery shoots.


Tip 5

Which fertilizer should I use?

Just like us, a rose needs nutrition and water to live and grow. Nutrition not only boosts the rose bush’s growth and flowers; it also makes it stronger. Without good nutrition, roses are more susceptible to diseases.


Tip 6

How can I attract bees and bumblebees?

Insects such as bees, bumble bees and butterflies are must-haves in every garden. The soothing hum of bees and bumble bees industriously gathering nectar and fluttering butterflies showing off their wonderful colours will appeal to everyone and will make your garden come to life.


Tip 7

How do I keep my roses healthy?

Parfum de Nature roses are not only selected because of their fragrance. They are also chosen for their excellent strength, because well begun is half done!


Tip 8

How can I protect my roses against the cold in winter?

Parfum de Nature roses must be protected against temperatures under -10 °Celsius.