Tip 1

What is the best place
for my rose?


Roses love the sun

Roses bloom in the summer. They love basking in the sun with plenty of room. Preferably plant your roses in a sunny spot in your garden or in a large pot on your patio.

To flower optimally, roses need 5 to 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. Also make sure there is enough space surrounding the plant. If space is lacking and not enough light and air can get to the bush, the leaves will not dry well after dew or rainy weather and the roses will be more susceptible to disease. They should never be close to a wall, as they will often be too dry. Plant the bush at least 50 cm from the wall.

If you plant your roses in a spot where there were roses in the past, the results may be disappointing because the soil is depleted (soil fatigue). If you really want to plant roses there again, add a generous amount of fresh compost to the soil. Roses grow best in rich, moist soil.


We recommend working some additional compost through the soil. In sandy soil, this improves the soil’s capacity to act as a water and nutrition buffer. In clay soil, it adds air to the soil’s structure, so that any excess water drains more easily. Compost also ensures an active soil life, which makes more nutrients available to the plants.