Tip 2

How can I make a beautiful bouquet of roses?


Fragrances and colours

In summer, Parfum de Nature roses are in full bloom and you get to enjoy their lovely fragrances and colours to the full. Summer is a lovely time to put together a bouquet from your own garden to bring the fragrance and beauty of your flowers into your home.

Tips to enjoy your beautiful bouquet of flowers for as long as possible:

  1. Preferably cut your roses early in the morning.
  2. Remove all leaves under the water level and leave all thorns.
  3. Cut the base of the stems diagonally with a sharp knife.
  4. Put the stems in a clean vase with plenty of water. Do not use a metal vase.
  5. Buy some additives for cut flowers at your garden centre and add them to the water.
  6. Preferably place the vase in a cool place. Do not expose them to draught or the sun.
  7. Check the water level regularly.


Make sure your vase has the right size, shape and colour for your roses. Vases in clear glass are always suitable for a beautiful bouquet. Other good basic options are pots and vases in neutral shades such as green or earth tones.