Tip 7

How do I keep my roses healthy?



Parfum de Nature roses are not only selected because of their fragrance. They are also chosen for their excellent strength, because well begun is half done.

With the right location and care, Parfum de Nature roses will develop into strong, vigorous plants. A healthy, resistant plant will suffer far less from pests and diseases. However, in certain weather conditions an insect infestation or fungal disease may still arise.

Most common


The most common pests are aphids and spider mites. Fortunately, aphids and spider mites have many natural enemies. Hoverflies, wasps and ladybirds are all fond of aphids and spider mites and tend to keep their populations in check. In other words, a single aphid won’t harm your garden. It actually contributes to your garden’s biodiversity.

  • Some birdhouses for great tits or blue tits will work wonders in the fight against aphids.
  • Did you know that aphids are repelled by fragrant lavender? Lavender works beautifully with roses, too!

If you still want to attack spider mites and aphids full on, you can use a jet of cold water, which they hate. To control spider mites, it is important to focus on the underside of the leaves, where they are located. Another tried and tested remedy against aphids is to spray the plant with a solution of soft soap. You may wish to add a little denatured alcohol to the solution as well.

Most common

Fungal diseases

The most common fungal diseases in roses are mildew (white spots on leaves and buds), rust (orange spores on the underside of the leaves) and black spot disease (yellow leaves with purple and black spots at the bottom of the bush). As far as fungi are concerned, prevention is better than cure. A fungus needs moisture to grow, so it is best to water the plant at the base to keep the leaves dry. The only time you should spray the rose bush from above is early in the morning, as this leaves enough time for the plant to dry. You can also help by spraying biological plant strengtheners. These agents make the plant stronger, so that fungi do not get a chance to infect the roses.


Insects are currently finding it increasingly difficult to find what they need in our sleek, clean gardens. Insects are extremely useful to sustain a biological balance and to control various infestations.