roses and lilacs

It may seem like a random choice but it isn’t to us. Our heart lies with these plant species due to their diversity and beautiful fragrances. They are interesting plants with long histories and exceptional qualities. And cultivation is a passionate activity well suited to us. The rose is of course the queen of all the flowers, but allows lilacs to rule in the spring. Need more reasons? Well, we have of course grown up here, in Rozendorp (Rose village) Lottum.


Netherlands, Europe, the whole world

Our roses and lilacs are sold throughout Europe, mostly through garden centers. Further on the site you will find a list of our brand Parfum de Nature sales outlets. We look around the world for species with which we would like to work. We are therefore also a member of the International Lilac Society, a special club of lilacs lovers worldwide:


Our own fragrance garden

Our understanding of the assortment you get through good contacts with breeders worldwide. And further by our own breeding, and show- and fragrancegarden where all new species for several years are assessed. We just want to make the strongest, most beautiful, richest and most fragrant flowering species.


These stand on its own test areas to assess. Each year, new species with which we are all over the world look at what is promising. The range today is another selection (only the best, strongest and most beautiful lilacs are allowed to). In selecting its color, smell, flower richness, frost resistance, bush formation and disease susceptibility decisive. It should be clear, we never start growing if we do not have to judge the plant itself. It is important that the plant in the ground state and we can follow it only a few years. A plant can perhaps look promising in the production phase, but it is how the plant behaves and develops once he is in your garden.