Tip 3

How should i plant my roses?


All year round

Because Parfum de Nature roses are grown in a pot and have a strong root ball, they can be planted all year round.


Dig a large planting hole that is at least twice as wide and 1.5 times as deep as the root ball. Loosen the hole’s bottom soil very well to make it easy for the newly formed roots to grow through. This also avoids any excess water remaining at the bottom of the planting hole. If you are planting your roses in poor soil, dig an extra large hole and fill it with good garden soil with some additional fertilizer. Water the roses generously, particularly right after planting.


planting distance

If you are planting your Parfum de Nature roses in a flowerbed, it is important to create a closed area that still allows air to circulate. To achieve this, plant 2 to 3 rose bushes per m², about 60 to 70 cm apart.

Some tips to bear in mind when planting your roses:

01   Never plant your roses in wet conditions, as this may deteriorate the soil structure.

02   Mix some compost into the soil you extracted from the planting hole. Roses naturally have deep roots. It is important not to disturb the roots’ growth, so make sure there is no disturbing layer for at least 1 meter down. If there is a disturbing layer, it is important to break it by digging deep into the soil.

03   Remove the root ball from the pot by holding the pot upside down and gently squeezing it to release it. It is important that the root ball remains fully intact.

04   Plant the rose so that the shield budding (where branching starts) is about 5 cm under the ground. This is important, as it allows the rose to shoot out again from the dormant bud eyes under the ground after a severe winter. Planting your roses deeper also discourages suckering. Press the soil down firmly and water generously.

05   In drier soil we recommend applying an extra layer of mulch (organic material) of about 5 cm. Such a layer makes the soil dry out less quickly with the sun and wind.

In a

pot or planter

Plant the rose in a large pot that has holes in the bottom to drain any excess water. To ensure good drainage, apply a 5 cm layer of gravel at the bottom of the pot. Use special rose compost from a garden centre. Remove the root ball from the pot. When planting your rose, make sure the top of the root ball is at least 1 cm below the edge of the pot. Fill the rest of the pot with potting soil. Press down firmly and water generously.